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Impact Theory is a business and mindset-focused interview show that will teach anyone aspiring to greatness the secrets to success. The show is hosted by Tom Bilyeu - a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the #2 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition and former host of the viral hit Youtube series Inside Quest (viewed over 100,000,000 times). Bilyeu is known for his passion and preparation. Always eager to truly learn from his guests, Bilyeu digs deep and brings the urgency of someone hungry to put what he’s learning to immediate use - making the show not only entertaining and energetic, but also hyper-useful.
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Apr 30, 2020

What are the real-world consequences of trying to keep people in the closet, in terms of their sexuality, politics or lifestyle? What really happens when you try to repress your own opinions, your authentic identity? According to Dave Rubin, repression creates precisely the shadowy monsters that it pretends to protect us from. On this episode of Conversations with Tom, author Dave Rubin and Tom Bilyeu discuss the nature of identity and freedom, and talk about how we might do better as parents, citizens and individuals.

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Dave talks about trying to launch a book during a quarantine [0:30]

Tom discusses his conflicting feelings about writing a book [3:26]

Dave describes his process for getting his book written [4:47]

Tom explains how he became the “mindset guy” [8:02]

Dave discusses the difficulties facing entrepreneurs and small business owners [9:54]

Dave talks about how his interest in politics developed [13:08]

Dave describes his experience of being “in the closet” [19:53]

The terrible results of refusing to let people be who they are [24:49]

Dave explains how he deals with surrogate parenting [30:26]

Dave details the criteria he and his partner use to choose surrogates [35:04]

What is the definition of a decent parent? What constitutes good parenting? [38:35]

Dave and Tom discuss helicopter parenting and how technology has changed kids [41:45]

Tom talks about why he would be much too overprotective as a parent [46:05]

Your kids will rebel against you no matter what, so there’s no perfect parenting method [49:38]

Dave celebrates the freedom that has transformed people who live in the US [51:26]

Dave and Tom discuss the difference between equal opportunity and equal outcomes [57:16]

Tom talks about the influence on luck in life, and how the education system works [1:06:13]

Dave strongly advocates for stable families [1:09:23]

Tom talks about his experience working with people who grew up in South Central LA [1:12:01]

You can’t solve everyone’s problems, but they still might haunt you [1:16:19]

Dave advocates helping out small businesses and mom and pop stores [1:19:53]

What is the government really good at? [1:25:01]

Dave claims that the individual is the only thing that matters [1:27:47]

Tom and Dave discuss Jordan Peterson [1:30:50]

Tom strongly advocates deep personal responsibility [1:39:49]








Apr 29, 2020

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Apr 28, 2020

In order to survive and then thrive in a serious recession like the one we are entering, your tactics are going to have to change. Fortunately, serial entrepreneur Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels, and Impact Theory’s host, Tom Bilyeu, are both well aware of the fact that in times like these survival comes first. And you can also set the stage for extraordinary future success by doing the right things, right now, alongside simply surviving. In this episode Tom and Russell discuss how to rebrand and rebuild your career and your business, why you have to focus on survival first, and how to then take advantage of what could be your greatest opportunity.

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Russell talks about how relentless practice turned him into a good wrestler [0:57]

The danger of tying your success to your identity [2:58]

How to keep going when you are beaten down and fatigued [5:24]

Russell advocates the virtues of a relentlessly competitive mindset [9:28]

Why you should shift your marketing before you shift your product [13:43]

Russell talks about first finding the people you want to sell to, then creating the product [19:39]

Tom and Russell discuss why you should focus on getting your basic needs met [23:46]

What are the eternal truths of marketing and getting customers? [29:00]

Tom and Russell talk about why you need to build your own platform [33:15]

The secrets to building a social media platform [36:43]

Russell explains how he stays motivated when times are bad [42:23]

Russell advocates that business is a call from God [45:20]

Russell shares the impact he wants to have on the world [49:03]




“I’ve never seen someone lose with a smile on their face.” [8:30]


“Endure long enough to get noticed.” [39:08]


“This is the greatest opportunity in the four decades I’ve been on this earth.” [45:40]








Apr 23, 2020

Health coach Chris Kresser, author of the Paleo Cure and one of the most influential people in nutrition and fitness, is not just someone who has studied and practiced functional medicine for years. He’s also someone who has had to use his own approach in order to overcome a decade-long struggle with chronic illness. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Chris Kresser details the consequences of lifestyle and diet related disease, a topic that is garnering significant attention because of the connection between pre-existing conditions and COVID-19 mortality. He delves into the mystery of why diabetes is an even more severe problem than lung disease for COVID-19 sufferers, details the kinds of lifestyle changes we should all be making, and explains why his approach to health and medicine is ultimately always individualized.

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Chris explains why his approach to diet and lifestyle is always individualized [1:59]

Chris distinguishes between food quality and food quantity [3:49]

Why are people so dogmatic about dietary beliefs that seem obviously false? [6:41]

Chris discusses the connection between pre-existing conditions and COVID-19 mortality [10:44]

Diabetes is an even more severe risk factor than lung disease for COVID-19 [15:12]

Chris talks about B12 and why it matters so much [17:15]

Chris explains why we should be very concerned about blood sugar levels [19:46]

Chris discusses the many different forms of fasting, and why they all may be useful [23:16]

Chris theorizes about why the carnivore diet works for some people [26:52]

How much do genes affect the results of various kinds of diets? [28:43]

Chris talks about which factors are more important than genetics [33:11]

Chris advocates starting with testing, particularly extensive blood testing [35:12]

Chris explains why most disease is lifestyle driven, and why that matters [37:25]

Chris describes the best lifestyle for an energetic, healthy existence [40:01]

Chris discusses the benefits of meditation in his own life [43:36]








Apr 21, 2020

Jewel’s story of fame and success starts with an abusive household and a stint of homelessness, combined with all the anxiety and negativity that you would expect from those beginnings. But her story takes an unexpected turn when she shares the way she overcame all of that negativity. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Jewel explains how she taught herself to be addicted to positive behavior, describes what constitutes real change, and shares the fascinating question she learned to ask herself that transformed her whole life.

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When Jewel was homeless, she decided to change her life one thought at a time [1:40]

If we can be addicted to negative things, then we can become addicted to positive actions [6:34]

Jewel describes some of her simple methods of controlling her thoughts and emotions [11:15]

What do you do if your nurturing was so bad that you lost your true nature? [12:55]

Practicing every day is the key to dramatic life change [17:14]

Tom and Jewel discuss the importance of diet and exercise [19:31]

Jewel defines exactly what constitutes change [22:33]

Jewel shares what she learned after being adopted by Native Americans at 15 [25:46]

What if you’re not broken? What if you don’t need to be fixed? [29:22]

Jewel explains how she learned to tell the truth instead of being positive or negative [35:28]

The point of spirituality is not to control your environment [37:30]

Jewel and Tom discuss the experience of grief and letting go [39:55]

Jewel describes forgiveness as she sees it [41:12]

Jewel talks about growing up in very rural Alaska [43:52]

Jewel shares her story of touring as a folk singer during the heydey of grunge [47:27]

Perfectionism and having a point to prove are rocket fuel, but they also limit you [49:32]

Jewel shares the impact she wants to have on the world [54:32]




“I am not my thoughts. I am the observer of my thoughts.” [5:57]


“What you don’t give birth to will destroy you.” [24:12]


“What if I’m not broken? What if I’m attacking this entire problem, trying to fix myself, from the entirely wrong perspective? When something’s broken, when you feel broken inside, you feel like something outside of you has to fix you…”  [32:58]












“Never Broken”, Jewel, 

Apr 18, 2020

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Apr 17, 2020

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Apr 16, 2020

It’s hard to believe that there is any sort of a bright side to the coronavirus pandemic. But if any two people can find that silver lining, it’s Tom Bilyeu and Noah Kagan. And on this episode of Conversations with Tom, they both explain how they have found positivity, confidence and even joy during some of the toughest times many of us will ever live through. They describe their processes for making every day a great day, the one simple tactic every budding entrepreneur needs to master, the conditions under which people should be willing to work for free, and how they have both learned to thrive in chaos.

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Tom talks about what he misses about doing shows in person [0:43]

Noah says the quarantine actually brought him out of his cave [2:34]

You will absolutely get more of what you focus on [5:16]

Noah has been experimenting with how to reduce fear and gain control [8:14]

How to use a mood board to get your day moving in the right direction [12:20]

What makes a great day? How do you build confidence? [18:33]

Why not make more days an awesome day? [22:45]

Why does Tom have any non-fun work? [25:08]

What do you do if your superpower is not discipline? Why is taking action so important? [27:25]

It’s really easy to get what you want when you know what you want [32:40]

What would Tom have done differently with the young man he mentored? [41:22]

Why it’s so important to ask, and to be persistent [45:45]

Noah talks about how he follows his curiosity and explores [49:43]

Build your business or career on what you already care about or enjoy [54:20]

Don’t ask people what they need help with. Figure it out and present it to them. [59:23]

Noah explains why it’s so important to limit yourself and set small goals [1:05:40]

Businesses evolve, so get going, and don’t act like some work is beneath you [1:13:32]

Noah tells the story of a guy who wanted to sell a toothbrush [1:17:37]

Tom and Noah talk about not judging themselves or even their mental states [1:20:17]

Tom and Noah talk about facing their fears and why Noah has a gun under his bed [1:30:01]

Noah tries to convince Tom to purchase a gun [1:39:17]

Tom and Noah discuss jiu jitsu and boxing [1:45:11]

What are some great ways to recharge? [1:48:04]

Tom and Noah both thrive in chaos [1:52:45]

Tom and Noah tell some jokes [1:56:20]







Apr 14, 2020

In times of quarantine, pandemic and isolation, self-care is more important than ever. During crises like these, all of us need to be willing to prioritize ourselves in order to keep everyone else healthy. As a result, Impact Theory has compiled an episode featuring extraordinary clips from some amazing guests on the topic of self-care. Les Brown, Kelly McGonigal, Cal Newport, Lori Harder, Brendon Burchard, Tucker Max, Ed Mylett, and James Altucher, along with host Tom Bilyeu, share stories, tips and tactics on how to best take care of yourself. Find out how to get out from under negative self-talk, see why staying physically active is so critical, and watch a powerful example of why we all need to remain grateful for what we do have.

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Les Brown explains why you need to believe that you can get out from under the labels [1:36]

How you live your life is a result of the story you tell yourself about yourself [3:27]

Kelly McGonigal explains why movement is so critical to mental well-being [4:43]

Other than thinking and planning, everything we do is a form of physical movement [6:23]

Cal Newport talks about why we need to take breaks from social media [7:42]

How to regain your solitude and carve out time for yourself [9:33]

Lori Harder advocates staying in touch with your playful, goofy side [10:31]

Brendon Burchard describes his methods for forming and keeping great relationships [14:15]

Tucker Max explains why you have to connect to and acknowledge your emotions [17:27]

Tucker shares his story of psychoanalysis and the value of a non-judgmental mirror [19:00]

Ed Mylett advocates the power and necessity of stacking gratitude [20:24]

James Altucher shares his story of learning to deal with failure and depression [22:42]




“Life is going to beat up on you in so many ways. Negative thoughts and how you feel about yourself. They don’t die. They come back once you stop doing the maintenance work on your mind.” Les Brown [4:26]


“Human beings, as individuals and as a species, we thrive when we are active.” Kelly McGonagil [6:06]


“I repel all the jerks.” Brendon Burchard [16:29]


“Every day I think, am I eliminating toxic people from my life and focusing on positive people who I love and want to support, and they love and want to support me?” James Altucher [25:22]




Les Brown: 

Kelly McGonigal: 

Cal Newport:

Lori Harder: 

Brendon Burchard: 

Tucker Max:

Ed Mylett: 

James Altucher: 

Apr 9, 2020

Harvard researcher David Sinclair has devoted his life to understanding and promoting human longevity. He wrote about pandemics in the book Lifespan, and on this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu he synthesizes the data we have about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. He explains what the virus is and how it spreads, describes the way it mutates, and discusses what people should do to protect themselves from this new coronavirus.

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David shuts down a lot of the bogus information about COVID-19 [1:06]

What is a virus? What is its structure? [3:10]

David explains why thinking of a virus like glitter actually makes sense [4:22]

The virus mutates every few days, but the mutations have not been too different yet [7:08]

Coronaviruses will probably keep appearing every few years [9:04]

Tom and David discuss the differences between COVID-19 and the common cold [10:08]

Herd immunity is the only way we will overcome COVID-19 [11:37]

David explains why he is optimistic and hopeful [13:03]

Experts always believed that the next human catastrophe was going to be a virus [18:08]

There are new kits that can identify COVID-19 rapidly [21:15]

How do we prepare for future pandemics? [25:11]

People’s mentality about the cost of pandemic preparedness will have to change [26:53]

How can we prevent unhealthy contact between humans and animals? [28:00]

David explains why viruses mutate even though most mutations are self-destructive [29:59]

There are thousands of viruses, and most are not harmful [32:47]

What can people do to protect themselves from COVID-19 [34:02]

Tom and David discuss whether you should eat fresh fruit and vegetables [38:20]

David talks about how humidity affects the virus [39:25]

David describes the most important recommendation he would make [41:10]








Apr 7, 2020

Right now most of us are suffering through the effects of a global pandemic, one way or another. And perhaps one of the best ways to deal with such collective pain is to listen to those who have already overcome serious trauma in their own lives. Fran Drescher has survived both a vicious sexual assault and uterine cancer, and has managed to find ways to turn those experiences into something positive. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Fran Drescher talks openly about the mistakes she made when first trying to heal, then describes what actually worked. She also details the efforts she makes to trust and take control of her body, discusses what it really means to live in the present moment, and even shares some simple actions anyone can take that kill viruses.

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UHF is the movie Tom has seen more than any other [0:43]

What is the secret to overcoming trauma? [1:39]

Fran credits her closest friends with helping her deal with her most severe trauma [7:57]

Fran talks about how her dogs have also helped her, and why her dog now is part wolf [12:40]

Fran did make the mistake of trying to be superwoman, and trying to ignore her pain [14:00]

Fran discusses the way emotional trauma lodges itself in specific areas of the body [17:22]

Why you have to get comfortable sitting with your pain [20:37]

Buddhism helped Fran become more present [22:59]

Time escapes us because we dwell in the future or the past [25:47]

Look around yourself. Notice where you are. [28:33]

Fran continued her friendship with the woman who was raped in her home [30:33]

Fran talks about how experiencing cancer makes it harder to trust your body [32:16]

Why you have to take control of your body, especially in the midst of a pandemic [35:28]

Honor your body [38:39]

Fran discusses common household products that are making us sick [40:08]

Fran explains what grounding is and why it matters [41:10]

Fran talks about simple actions and remedies that kill viruses [44:22]

Laughter really is the best medicine [45:27]

Fran shares the impact she wants to have on the world [50:47]




“Pain will find its way in your body if you don’t let it out.” [15:26]


“To become a well-rounded human being, you must acknowledge who you are.” [22:22]


“Look at the mundane with wide-eyed wonder.” [28:56]







Apr 4, 2020

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Normally, people are twice as happy and find their lives much more meaningful when they are with their spouse. However, current quarantines may be causing stress for some couples. The sheer amount of time spent together is uncharted territory for many relationships. On this episode of Women of Impact, host Lisa Bilyeu and her husband Tom Bilyeu discuss the tactics, strategies and rules of engagement they have used to keep their relationship strong and growing for 19 years and counting. They discuss how to avoid letting the small things frustrate you, how to lift each other up, and how to hopefully find a way to make this surprise quarantine fun and empowering.




How do you avoid getting annoyed with each other over small things? [3:39]

How to view everything that happens as practice, and then make it fun [5:50]

Don’t tell me I’ve done something wrong after I’ve done it [9:06]

Why you have to take responsibility for yourself instead of matching negative energy [10:23]

It’s OK to match your partner’s righteous indignation, but not their anxiety [12:42]

Do not tell someone they are being irrational. Wait for emotional sobriety [16:31]

How do you make space for yourself in a situation that seems impossible? [17:37]

How do you deal with a partner who isn’t willing to do the work in a relationship? [21:26]

Lisa talks about writing her “quarantine script” in real time [23:38]

What would need to be true for this experience to be positive? [25:08]

Why you shouldn’t let “dust settle” [27:06]

You have to know exactly why things are bothering you [28:38]

How to talk to someone who is agitated without getting them even more angry [31:55]

What is one thing couples can do right now to get stronger? [34:35]

Why you absolutely must take selfish time [37:13]

Tom and Lisa used to do relationship theory, which you can still find on YouTube [39:21]













Apr 2, 2020

Is human potential really limitless? Jim Kwik isn’t 100% sure, but he is going to figure out how to push himself and the rest of the world far past wherever most people believe human limits are. On this episode of Conversations with Tom, Jim Kwik and Tom Bilyeu discuss the power of the mind, the true formula for motivation, and the methods anyone can apply to improve and grow. They also delve into a wonderful conversation of their favorite comic book characters, explain why video games can be so helpful, and discuss why you should determine what your dominant question is.

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Tom talks about what power is and how powerful concepts can become trite [1:33]

Jim and Tom discuss it’s better to think of everything as practice and not performance [4:52]

Tom explains his methods of staying calm during video games and why he does it [8:53]

How do you instigate flow? How do you trigger it? [11:42]

Jim shares the story of how he heard the message of responsibility [16:01]

If you change core beliefs it will change all sorts of sub-beliefs [17:45]

Being able to look nakedly at your inadequacies without feeling bad about yourself [20:29]

Tom discusses luck by sharing the story of how he met Lisa [24:27]

Jim and Tom talk about whether beliefs should be true or just useful [28:11]

Are there things you want to get better at but you’re just not willing to put in the work? [31:37]

Tom brings up the fact that the world pushup record seems impossible even to him [33:15]

The most infinite resource on planet earth is human potential [35:01]

Tom discusses disruption in the comic book marketplace [36:37]

Life is the choice between birth and death [41:35]

How do you stay energized and enthusiastic over decades? [44:40]

Jim explains his 3-part formula for motivation [49:30]

Jim talks about the necessity of energy and small, simple steps along with purpose [53:25]

Tom talks about how distractions sap your energy and thus your time [57:39]

Mindset is the set of attitudes and assumptions we have [1:00:49]

How and why do people self-sabotage? [1:01:36]

Jim and Tom discuss Bruce Lee and what they learned from him [1:08:20]

You’ll lose your drive if you’re fueled by other people’s expectations [1:14:54]

Tom talks about Taoism, Star Wars and martial arts [1:18:30]

Jim discusses his mixed feelings towards professional fighting [1:22:26]

A person should be capable of great violence, and then keep it in check [1:25:29]

Predators don’t follow the same conventions that everyone else does [1:27:40]

The only people who will make an impact are those that intelligently break the rules [1:34:45]

Tom and Jim discuss Iron Man, Stan Lee’s favorite character [1:36:21]

We can attach to fictional characters as a template to make change [1:40:42]

What is your dominant question? [1:46:30]

Tom reveals his own dominant question [1:52:55]

The power of our questions determine our focus [1:55:29]

Jim issues a challenge to listeners [2:03:44]